Skunk Removal Toronto

How to get rid of skunks on your property in Toronto ON

Skunks are often problem causers in urban environments, they are nocturnal and the two main culprit species are the spotted and the striped. It’s common knowledge about their noxious odour that they use to defend with, however it isn’t well known that these pests can be carriers of canine hepatitis, rabies, canine distemper and plenty of more diseases. It is important therefore, to be able to first detect that there is a skunk hanging around your property , to eventually get rid of it.

The distinctive pungent odour that a this animal leaves, is a tell tale sign that there is a critter somewhere in the vicinity. Anywhere that they lingers, will have that faint odour that is so distinctly evident, even of the animal isn’t spraying particularly in den areas. If you consistently smell a hint of skunk in the air anytime you are in you yard doing work, then you may have a new neighbour. If it’s winter time and you smell the odour, it is very likely that boys are fighting over any females in the area.

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Reasons skunks are on in your home or property

When they feed, they normally leave holes in the ground between 3-4 inches in the grass. Another indicator that it’s a skunk and not a raccoon making these holes, is that the holes are not deep, and close to a perfect circle. They are going for grubs and other insects when they make these holes, they also make holes under buildings that gives them access to underneath. When insects and grubs have damaged the sod on a lawn, skunks will roll back the sod and gain access this way, as it is less work for the them compared to digging. Be sure to address any sod that has been rolled in this fashion, as if left for too long, the grass can be damaged beyond repair, requiring a complete new installation of sod which could be costly.

Dogs are another good indicator that you have wildlife animal problems on your property, sporadic barking at night could mean that the they are active outside. Being nocturnal, they are out at night time doing their hunting, and dogs that are inside or fenced in somewhere, will gladly bark at them when they pass by while on their nightly rounds. Though the skunk might not be going in your direction that night, it’s very likely that one day they will come to you too.

There are different techniques available that will help in damage control caused by these animals. Due to the spraying often done by them, and the rabies they often carry, homeowners often opt for a professional to come and handle the situation, and as they should. The experience they have in the removal of problem skunks allow for the homeowner to get rid of the problem without having to deal with them.

Skunks offer a service that is desirable however, if left peacefully, they are adroit at rodent and insect control. The fact that they are nocturnal, they can live unnoticed for years as they are generally only active during the night. However if a situation does come along, here are some considerations.

Signs you have skunk on your property in Toronto

  • Identify that it’s a skunk causing the disturbance
  • removing potential denning sites on your property is a good idea
  • just because you smell odour, doesn’t mean you have a resident skunk, sometimes it can be another animal that has been sprayed in the neighbourhood.
  • They often are a positive addition to you property rather than a problem, as they eat pest species that often cause significant damage to vegetation and lawns
  • add light as skunks don’t like light at all and prefer to stay in the hidden dark areas
  • seal holes under your house, deck as these are prime places for skunks to hide in
  • reduce attractants, like everything else preventative measures are always best
  • motion activated sprinklers are safe and a natural way of repelling these smelly critters

If you or any of your family does happen to get sprayed by one, there is a natural formula that is quite effective.

  • 1 tsp dish detergent or liquid soap
  • 1 litre of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • a quarter cut of baking soda

Mix these ingredients together and take a bath or have a rub down to the sprayed person immediately after the deed. Rinse with water and avoid contact with eyes.

Contact Local Pest Pros for a list of all the wildlife removal services we offer. Take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION or simply call us today (647) 793-5918