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Dealing with raccoons in Toronto

Raccoons have a habit of living in human homes, and there are many complaints associated with this behaviour such as.

  • Rabid raccoons
  • Raccoons living in chimneys
  • Raccoons stealing pet food
  • Raccoons living in attic
  • Tipping over garbage bins
  • Conflict with pets

For these reasons and more, people opt to have these problem animals removed from their property. Check out the areas serviced by Local Pest Pros and see if we cover you today.

Raccoons have adapted to living amongst humans in Toronto Ontario, and for this reason it is the most common nuisance animal dealt with in the Toronto area. They’ve learned that garbage bins are a great source of food, and that human homes are perfect for mama raccoons to give birth and raise young kits in. The mother will tear an entrance in the roof to get to the attic, where they will make a mess and not be quiet about it. The mess they leave along with their droppings are enough to make you go crazy. They are quite strong and will tear off ducts, insulation off pipes etc. They are notorious for stealing pet food, however they’ve learned that trash cans are an abundant source of food, and many people find out in the morning when their trash is squandered all over their yard. Be sure to keep your pets safe, as they do carry disease  and different parasites that can affect you or your pets.


Rabies are rabid (pun intended) amongst raccoons, including other potentially lethal diseases. It is very important to capture raccoons that are using your home as theirs, as they do carry things like canine distemper which is fatal to dogs, as well, their feces can contain raccoon roundworm, and If humans breath in the spores from this disease, it can seriously infect you or your loved ones.


They really have a thing for urban areas, this is probably due to the fact that there is an abundant food supply in the urban garbage bins. They are adroit climbers and extremely dextrous with their hands. They are strong and often tear new areas open to explore for food and shelter. They often den in crevices of trees, but love to make a homestead in attics.

Affordable raccoon removal in Toronto


Keeping raccoons from entering your property is a difficult task. It would require a special fence to keep them from climbing, however they are formidable climbers. There are no devices or machines either that deter them either. There have been attempts using things such as sound machines, sprinklers and flashing lights that proved to be useless. Sprays and powders are also not effective. Truthfully raccoons on your property aren’t the problem, the problem lies in when they start tampering with it, overturning bins, digging, pooping, eating birdseed etc. these are all attractive to the raccoons, and for this reason the logical thing to do (which works) is to make it less attractive. Keep your yard clean, close any entry holes to warm comfortable and potential den. Take your pet food inside etc.

HOW TO REMOVE RACCOONS in the greater toronto area

Trapping and removal is the only surefire way to get rid of raccoons in Toronto, and permanent sealing of entry points to keep them out in the future. If they have inhabited your attic, it’s important that the wildlife handler remove the littler of babies by hand before trapping and removing the female. If they are just outside and causing problems, they can be trapped and removed, be cautious as they’ll grab and dig anything within reach of the trap.

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Best Wildlife Removal and Control in Toronto

For over a decade Localpestpros.net has helped people in the greater Toronto area get rid of unwanted wildlife in there homes and business. Our team has removed thousands animals  including bats, racoons, mice, rats, squirrels and the list goes on. We are fully board certified and can help you with all wild life control.

When getting animals removed from your property it is important to work with a professional that understands the risk and procedures used in the removal process. This is why at  Local Pest Pros we take the time to assess each job before we get started. Our FREE CONSULTATION ensures you get a chance to talk to our team before making a final decision so we can discuss all the options you have and to better understand your entire situation.

Top wildlife control and removal in Toronto

 Top Animal Removal Services in Toronto ON

Critters are definitely cute and add to our daily lives, just by looking at them we feel good inside. However, whenever one of the many different species decides that your home, garage, basement or yard is suitable to be theirs and their little families, they can turn from the cutest little creatures to causing extensive and expensive damage to your home or property. We are the best animal removal services in Toronto ON, fully licensed and we come with heavy experience under our belts. Local Pest Pros  has been handling problematic wildlife across the GTA, and we have an almost perfect track record. Our team of experts have followed their passion in life, and therefore we produce the best results as this is more fun than work to them. We do skunk removal, squirrel removal, racoon removal and other captures such as rodents.

 Wild animal removal in Toronto

People often see Toronto as a major urban city, and fail to understand that there are extremely diverse ecosystems that run right through and around the city. The Don Valley for example, has been known to sustain life for deer and even coyotes! For anyone that knows, the Don Valley goes right into the heart of downtown. For this reason it is easy for some of the wildlife to spill into residential neighbourhoods where they often end up choosing to live. Wild animal removal in the city has increased exponentially as there have been new bylaws protecting various species in and around the city.

 Professional animal removal services in Toronto Ontario

www.localpestpros.net has been in the professional animal removal service in Toronto Ontario for decades. Our experts are diligent when maintaining traps and equipment, making a very efficient wildlife removal experience for whoever decides to use us for the job. We service the entire GTA, and specialize in problematic wildlife interfering with your daily life. Life many other things in life, preventative measures are always best, however not always considered. When it is a bit too late for preventative measures, rest assured it’s the pros you want to go with and not B or C companies.

reliable wildlife animal removal in Toronto

 Humane animal removal company in Toronto

Local Pest Pros takes great measures to make sure that any wildlife we handle is safely removed and reunited if they are a little family. Our company is a humane animal removal company in Toronto, and we pride ourselves on our practices and lengths we’ll go to to make sure that everyone from the client to the squirrel experience as little agitation as possible. Any member of the critter family we remove is guaranteed to be reunited in their natural environment.

Best wildlife Removal company

There are a number of different species that grace Toronto with their presence, however these often end up becoming a liability as they do end up living in or a round your home. Local Pest Pros is the best wildlife removal company for many reasons, our animal removal experts love what they do and they love the animals. We take extra care to not damage any of your property that hasn’t been damaged by the critters, while making sure to not stress the animals we are removing. The best option is to call us when you first here the critters in your attic, walls or wherever they’ve nestled in. This is because something like a squirrel can cause significant damage as they do gnaw on electrical wires and risk the danger of starting a fire risking further dollars to fix the problem as well as being a danger to you and your family.

Emergency wildlife removals in Toronto ON

More often than not, it is usually an emergency situation that we are called for. This is because by the time most people realize they have wildlife living within their walls or attic, they’ve been there for a while and have cause significant damage “silently”, and people get all rilled up to get the animals removed. We specializes in emergency wildlife removals in Toronto ON, we are always ready with multiple vehicles throughout the city to come, inspect your situation and explain what your options are, all within a day take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION. We take emergency situations very seriously, as there is more than just money at risk, but life.

Fast emergency wildlife control in Toronto

Professional Wildlife Removal in Toronto Ontario

Once the wildlife has been removed, Our company will make sure your home is safe and healthy. We use green cleaners and deodorizers to protect your family and pets during our work. Professional wildlife removal in Toronto Ontario, we never leave you with a mess to deal with such as droppings, fur or parasitic insects. Instead, we go through a detailed cleanup of the location the the wildlife was living in. Depending on the situation, our experts will replace damaged insulation with cellulose or fiberglass which is more difficult for animals to negotiate.

Affordable Wildlife Services in Toronto

Our goal at Local pest pros is to control wildlife in a humane fashion in order to eliminate the spread of various diseases and help residences and businesses safely remove any wild animals. We have the most affordable wildlife service In the city because we have been doing this for decades and have honed in our craft. This coupled with our passionate staff, we are able to offer the best deals in the GTA for any wildlife removal. Toronto’s population is rapidly increasing and animals are taking up residences in areas that are highly populated by humans, and a lot of the time in the same structure. This has increased the need for problematic wildlife removal. We are dedicated to the humane removal of wildlife removal. We use live traps and trap the animals and then have them relocated to areas that are more ideal for their survival and where they wouldn’t interfere with humans.

Racoon removal cost and prices in Toronto ON

The cost of getting rid of raccoons can be directly related to where the racoons are and how difficult it is to get them out. They may have taken residents up in your attic, shed, under your deck, porch or in your yard where they dig up the lawn. Some of the problems with raccoons are that they thrive in an urban environment and it is difficult to relocate them as they often become used to the easy feeding provided in an urban environment. We offer the best in racoon removal cost and prices in Toronto ON, if the raccoons are in your attic, there is usually a flat rate based on how complex it is to remove them.

Bat and Chipmunk removal in Toronto

Our professional exterminators will come and provide a free inspection of your home to figure out where the bats or chipmunks are entering and nesting. The next step is to seal the house at all the possible entry points such as vents, roof vents, exhaust and gable vents, and the construction gap left by the construction builder between the decking and the roof. Once the house is sealed, there is a curtain hung at the point of entry. We offer the best bat and chipmunk removal in Toronto.

Reliable Bat Removal service in Toronto

Skunk and Squirrel Removal Service Toronto

Squirrels can wreak havoc on a home, they love to gnaw on things such as cables/wiring, and wood. When they do gnaw on wires, they strip the insulation leaving it exposed and at a major risk of fire. Statistically squirrels are responsible for a massive amount. Of fires each year. Skunks can also be a curse, but a blessing as well, as they often have a carnivorous diet and feed on rodents that are harmful to humans. They also keep insect populations low as they have a test for beetles grasshoppers and other types of larvae. All this is fine, however they are known to be harmful to domestic animals and property. They’ll eat vegetables in your garden  and disturb bee hives. Skunk and squirrel removal service in Toronto is a thriving area of our business, as these two guys are at the top of our list for most misbehaved animals.

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