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Animal removal Newtonbrook Ontario  – Top Rated Wildlife Control Company- We Handle All Unwanted Wildlife

Animal removal Newtonbrook Ontario  – Best wildlife animal control in the greater Toronto area can be found here at For over 20 years been helping residents of Toronto and surrounding areas find the best animal removal for their home or business. Check out all the locations we serve here. Whether it’s raccoons, skunks or possums the professionals of our exclusive network help hundreds of people every year with wildlife removal services.

Top Wildlife Removal Business –  Animal removal Newtonbrook Ontario

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Animal removal Newtonbrook Ontario – Animal Control Consultation

Once you’ve spoken to us about what you think the problem is, we will talk you through what we believe your current critter problem is, and offer you the appropriate solutions. We do both commercial and residential building and properties, we are environmentally sound with our practices and follow all codes in Ontario.

KEYWORD- call and we’ll give you an over the phone consultation. Handling wildlife isn’t something you should consider if you have no experience or knowledge about. There are very hazardous situations that can potentially be life-threatening and just plain dangerous. Disease, scratching and biting are all possible hazards when dealing with wildlife.

Take a look through our site and see what we handle as far as wildlife control is concerned. call us for a FREE CONSULTATION. (647) 793-5918

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animal removal and wildlife removal often require hazards like working in tight quarters with often distressed wild animals. These animals pose a threat as they may turn to the fight option if flight isn’t available and often the first choice of the two. This situation can leave you at risk of scratches, bites or transfer of various diseases animals carry. These are very good reasons to avoid controlling the situation yourself, and calling a professional. At we service the GTA and have the experience to get whatever your wildlife situation is under control so that you can carry on with your schedule.

Local Pest Pros is an own operated business, and that means that we strive to uphold the immaculate reputation we have built for ourselves over the years. We have built this reputation by good business practices and multiple happy customers.



  • RATS

HOW MUCH DOES ANIMAL CONTROL COST? Animal removal Newtonbrook Ontario

Dead Animal: finding the carcass requires some snooping around and crawling into attics or under homes etc. In some cases the animal must be cut out of a wall, in which repairs are also involved. Cleanup should always be a part of a professionals job. These can start at $170 and can go up.

Ground Trapping: trapping and removing a nuisance animal is a fairly simple endeavour, you’ll likely get a service charge of $200 and up where a professional will come and setup the traps. Monitoring and removing is what entails.

Squirrels in Building: a complex job, all entry points into the building must be located and sealed with steel for it to be fully blocked off. Rats can enter through very tiny holes and that makes it very difficult to determine where these points are. If there aren’t any holes, these little guys are very capable of chewing through almost anything. This type of job requires multiple visits and can start at $350 and up.

Raccoons in Attic: almost always involves a mother coon and her litter. The nest must be removed and the momma trapped. This also involves multiple visits. Repairs to entry holes must be made and can often be extensive, cleaning of attic and fixing damage inflicted is also something that has to be considered. This also starts at $350 and can go well above that.


WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE – Animal removal Newtonbrook Ontario

Our team of professionals have been doing this for over 15 years in and around the GTA, and our work and professionalism show it. Our skilled crews will come in and handle and wildlife situation efficiently and because of our experience, we realize how important it is to make the customer feel confident in our work. From setting up traps to simply catching a lose critter, our experience will be very evident through our work.

Local Pest Pros has owners that also work the business which means that you’ll be getting the best out of whoever shows up to your problem, as we mean to only maintain and increase our reputable status throughout this industry in the GTA.


Animal removal Newtonbrook Ontario – wether it’s a little squirrel that managed to get into your home, and is just to agile and fast for you to get to . Or a full on raccoon family that has managed to stay under your radar living in your attic. We will come in and handle all situations with experience and professionalism that Is expected.

TOP ANIMAL CONTROL COMPANY-  Animal removal Newtonbrook Ontario

whenever one of these critters invade your home, they are putting you and your family at risk on different levels and are more than a simple inconvenience. The are hazardous to your health, security and property. Poop can be left all over the place, insulation torn, drywall eaten, and wires chewed through (which is a major cause of fires in North America). We take all the headache off of you and handle these various uninvited vermin, we are expertly trained to handle all these pests in various situations.

Call us and we’ll give you an over the phone accurate quote as to how much it will cost, and we look forward to helping you get back to your normal schedule.