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Before the situation gets any worse, it’s important that you connect with a raccoon removal specialist once you notice their presence. Although you may not come into direct contact with the critter while it’s on your property, it’s more than likely that you’ll somehow come into contact with it’s poop, and that’s just as dangerous.

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Here are some of the most transmitted diseases that humans are in danger of from raccoons:


This is a disease that is brought upon by the bacteria known as leptospira. This bacteria is found in raccoon urine, as well as many other nuisance critters. If a raccoon is found living on or in a property in the GTA Toronto and the homeowner doesn’t take action, then the whole residents is placed in grave danger. Transferring of this disease is as simple as coming into contact through skin, or by drinking/touching water that has the contaminant already in it. Other entrance points into a body include mouth, throat, eyes and nose. Liver failure, fever, nausea, kidney failure and vomiting, are all symptoms of this particular disease that a raccoon can introduce into your home.


Poultry is the most commonly heard of method of transmitting salmonella to most people, but raccoon faces is also a way that this harsh bacterial infection can make someone sick. By not calling an expert to deal with a problem raccoon, you leave yourself and your family members susceptible to such illness. Feces can be left sitting in your home for years. Some of the symptoms associated with this disease include abdominal pain, diarrhea, high fever and more.


There are 60,000 reported deaths caused by rabies worldwide annually and Toronto Ontario is a city that is high up in those numbers, however according to the Centres Disease Control, only one person infected by the raccoon strain has ever died. Regardless of the statistics, it’s still lethal and should be taken with the upmost consideration. Death is a possible outcome if it is left untreated, as rabies invades the central nervous system and causes an inflamed brain to play dangerously with death. Contraction is normally happens through a scratch or bite from an infected critter, and treatment should be rushed  as it becomes more dangerous the longer it’s left untreated. Muscle weakness, fever, tingling, insomnia, paralysis and hallucinations are all associated with a rabies infection.

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It’s very evident that raccoons can bring a host of very dangerous illnesses if their presence is intertwined too close to humans. And for these reasons it is very important to in an ideal situation work for preventing these scenarios, and in an another situation work as fast as possible to rid of these problem animals. Regardless, it’s always recommended to go with professionals, as they are experts and handle these animals on a daily, and have the equipment necessary to properly remove raccoons from your property. It’s better to be proactive about it, than letting it drag on and ultimately cost you more money and endangering your health and the health of your family members.